About us

OOO «EuroCap» owes its origin to the existing demand of hi-tech product packaging, particularly caps for bottles and other containers. But we are speaking neither about caps the market is filled with, nor about the low-quality products cranked out by manufacturers and fabricators of all sorts.

of OOO «EuroCap» decided to give producers of beverages, liquid foodstuff, cosmetics, chemicals and auto care supplies a really qualitative product. We wanted our plastic goods meet the needs of modern manufactures and the criteria of certification.

As the result of all abovementioned, engineers of OOO «EuroCap» launched hi-tech products manufacturing for wide range of containers and liquids. The central focus of «EuroCap» enterprise is manufacturing of plastic caps and handles for bottles and other kinds of modern polymer packaging including PET preforms, dispensers, spray bottles, tubes, sealing and packaging ware for cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry. We also produce caps for various flacons and canisters used in perfume and chemical industries. Our production is used in foodstuff industry as well, for water, milk, beer, oil, juice PET bottles and laminated carton packages.

Our plastic caps keep stable the pressure up to 9 bars inside the containers. Caps have perfect leakproofness and airtightness, keep the contents of the bottle (juices, dairy products) from spoiling. We also produce polymer caps with dropping and spout dispensers.

Products of OOO «EuroCap» keep stable carbon dioxide level in the bottle for a long time. We created a lot of models of multipart plastic caps that are easy to open and airtight at the same time.

Such technologies require a special level and standards of manufacturing process. That is why the company's management team pays special attention to science and technology base of the enterprise, to the testing laboratories and the engineers. In OOO «EuroCap» everything is done so that the equipment stock and the staff matched the development laboratory’s high profile. Staff of OOO «EuroCap» comprises enthusiastic people who know and love their job.

In recent years beverage industry has begun using more convenient and economical PET bottles. Since 1998 to 2002 year popularity of PET bottles for drinks has increased by 50 percent. Presently PET bottled beer is growing in popularity: according to the Canadian latest research of packaging industry, more than a third of world’s drinks are packed in PET bottles. But this kind of package remains most used for drinking water sector of industry.

Taking into consideration the fact that such products find demand on the market and meeting the want of our customers to work entirely with our company, OOO «EuroCap» has launched a production line of PET package. We produce PET bottles, PET flacons, PET jars.

But PET 19-liter bottles for drinking water have become our staple production. We chose this activity area and it has become principal for PET package producing branch of the enterprise.

OOO «EuroCap» has in disposal a development laboratory, production facilities and engineering manpower necessary to design press moulds. These include press moulds for both caps and bottles. We can create press moulds of any complexity according to your sketches and drafts. At the request of the customer it is possible to make an individual press-form for caps, lids, bottles, jars, flacons of any form. We can also apply relief letters or logotypes on the surface.

Due to high-tech manufacturing we have a lower prime cost for caps and PET package than our competitors. We can get best quality production with high user status owing to the level of our press forms. All mentioned aspects, combined with unique and permanent quality, make our production really advantageous.

Our principle is work based on honesty, responsibility, respect for customers and their time.

Our suppliers are producers of high quality raw materials necessary to realize our ideas.

Our customers are enterprises that care about their image.

Our technologies will market your brand name all over the world!